Mitsuru’s Magnolia Stadium

For the Master Tennis Cup this year in Shanghai, the plan is to make it the most spectacular event ever in its history. Architect Mitsuru Senda vowed to work for three consecutive years on this marvelous construction for the 2007 Master Cup.

The awesome construction was designed with a moveable Magnolia top – known as the typical flower of Shanghai. The structure is 40 meters high, and with an area of 30.649m2. With the capacity to hold close to 15,000 people, it is sure to please the eyes of all the participants inside the stadium.

Although the stadium is quite massive in and of itself, the most impressive feature of the construction is the floral design that contains the 8 “petals” of the Magnolia top which open and close within an 8 minute time span.

Architect: Mitsuru Senda