Brooklyn Blinds by Carrie Solomon

When decorating our homes, we place a lot of self into the design and style that feels most comfortable to us. We like to create an atmosphere unique to ourselves. After strenuous days at work or the overall stressors of life in general, coming home to a peace filled environment is what it is all about.

Here is where the Brooklyn Blinds come in. Made from Europly, a completely sustainable wood, these vertical blinds create this much craved atmosphere. The abstract pattern was inspired by the bark of the Birch trees which line McCarren Park in Brooklyn.

With uniquely placed apertures in the wooden blinds, the creation of a serene sensation overtakes you as the light passes through. The lighting changes and moves with the rising and setting of the sun. Not only do these blinds create a unique experience inside the home, but also to those on the outside. At night, while walking or driving past, the viewer can see the dancing of light inside the home.

Designer: Carrie Solomon