Fruit Tray Cell Phone

The concept of alternate arrangement is how designer Timo Wong arrived at the design of CELLS. The design mimics the contours of a typical fruit tray. The number keys are not separated by straight lines, boxes or circles but by alternating contours on one single surface. Each number seems to be divided into one cell of its own. Separated by what seems like an invisible boundary, the contours evoke a delightful sensorial experience on something we touch and hold almost everyday, like a cellular phone.

Designer: Timo Wong [ Via: Core77 ]


  • redHONG says:

    Wow…Great form! It seems easy to use, either.
    This is REAL touch!

  • iDesignStuff says:

    That’s pretty sweet. More like a mattress than a fruit tray.

    I worry that it will have a lot accidental key presses with the raised keys.

    But overall it all i love the minimalist design.

  • chris v says:

    Has design come to this?
    A unique approach to a tangable electronic device, yet why does this designer choose to design it as it were an Apple product? Has design come down to ‘idesign’, by ‘Designer ripoff’?

    Surely this designer could have taken the imaginative ‘cells’ idea an plopped it on something that doesnt mimick an ipod.

    • wwwo says:

      just because its white and minimalist does not make this design qualify as a rip off of apple.

    • e says:

      Given Apple’s long history of rampant idea re-badging, your comment is pretty funny. Maybe Apple will ‘innovate’ this design for their next phone. it would be a substatial departure from their work to date though.

      I think it’s more like that black phone with the Prada-esque rippled keypad.

      The curves are sexy. I think they wouldn’t work in black. The white looks pretty hot though.

  • Jonas says:

    mannn this phone is HOtTTTTTTT its da shit

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