I’m Going Behind The Stove

EU VEGN DAVO PIGNA is Rhaeto-Romanic and can be translated literally as “I am going behind the stove.” This expression is used when parting and means, “I am going home now.” The stove is an analogy for warmth and coziness. That’s the idea behind this bench/chaise lounge.The structure of the bench is manufactured with special fiber sandwich construction that provides strength while remaining light. The seating surface itself consists of a sandstone slab functioning as the warming element. Once heated up, the stone element will stay warm for three hours providing toasty seating. Additionally, a handwoven blanket filled with cherry kernels enhances the heat retaining quality and provides a unique haptic experience.

Designer: Annina Gaehwiler & Tina Stiger


  • jj says:

    Why do they always have to have a model with the designs. It’s about the design and how it looks rather than some stupid art feature. If one want art let them do their own. Seems like design cannot stand on it’s own???

  • Ross says:

    The back on that (i guess its a back) chair looks like it has major short grain issues and will snap off with any amount of weight. just sayin…

  • jil says:

    very nice project, the idea of a moveable heating bench and a blanket filled with cherrykernels… mmmm… i like!!

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