Flashlight Inspired Multimedia Player

Here’s a novel concept. It’s a flashlight inspired multimedia player. You control the device by rotating knobs along the barrel. The key feature here is the ability to project your interface, pictures, and movies onto a wall in lieu of a built in screen. The design also comes with a set of matching wireless ear buds and a dock with built in speakers.

Designer: Can-Hong Huang


  • Jumpking04 says:

    Well i think it truly is very stylish.
    I wouldn’t mind having that on my desktop.
    I wonder if it works like a DVD player (playing movies from some sort of media drive) or if it plays like a TV and plays w/e is being transmitted through the connection.
    Those headphones look like they’re bluetooth also.
    They look very nice look sort of comfortable also but look like earrings…….

  • Rhea says:

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