Worrell Redesigns the Classic Stroller by Dan Clements

Worrell, Inc. Designer Dan Clements created a product that helps proud parents safely and stylishly take their little ones out into the world. Wiegen, a refreshing take on the classic stroller, was designed for flexibility given ever-changing family dynamics.

In addition to flexibility, emotional needs also drove the design of Wiegen. From this idea, three objectives were established: to create a means for a parent to outwardly express their affection for their child, to create a safe and comfortable environment for the child, and to create a product that was incredibly easy to use.

The Wiegen’s most innovative attribute is its unique stretcher system. This system consists of two parts: a neoprene shroud which a lightweight aluminum frame and Polypropylene stretcher support, and a baby sling with five-point harness (designed specifically for an age range of infant to 12 months).

This combination of neoprene components eliminates the need for cumbersome foam padding, as the neoprene conforms to the shape of the child. The air space between the two layers of the neoprene shroud insulates the stroller in cold weather. Snap construction allows the user to remove the shroud for cleaning, storage or color change.

Worrell, Inc. is a Minneapolis-based design consultancy, offering product design, research and engineering since 1976.

Designer: Dan Clements