World Carpets Collection by Marcel Wanders

The concept, created by Marcel Wanders, makes it easy for you to create a personally designed floor in just a few steps. Easily mix and match the 7 different patterns and 17 color schemes using the World Carpets fan deck.

1) Select one, or more, patterns in the fan deck. The 7 different types of patterns are printed on transparent sheets. Select one of the patterns by rotating it out of the deck.

2) Select a color scheme. Make a choice from the 17 different color schemes. Each color in the color scheme has a width of 1 meter and every color scheme consists of 4 colors. (AB color schemes use 8 colors and extend to 8 meters.) Select one of the color schemes and rotate it out of the deck.

3) Overlay the pattern on the color scheme. Now the design is complete. The next step is to choose the quality of the carpet.

4) Select quality of the carpet. The designs can be printed on several types and qualities of broadloom carpets with a width of 400 cm, all suitable for heavy contract use.

Designer: Marcel Wanders [ Manufacturer: Colorline ]