Babylon – Sustainable Building by Mutopia Studio

Babylon is a sustainable building design which not only fulfils urban needs for more residential and office space in the city, but also promotes social and environmental sustainability in buildings of the future. By stacking a variation of lifestyles and functions, new social interactions can occur in the atrium, also a 3-dimensional park, which becomes a social space capable of nurturing new community relationships. With regard to environmental sustainability, the greenhouse function of the atrium not only saves energy and heating while providing natural ventilation, but illustrates the aesthetic and functional qualities that ecological buildings can have. In this way the main social space of the building is also its ecological core, and these two sustainable aspects are united and manifested in a single space. At a larger scale the compactness of the building frees up surrounding urban space for much-needed public spaces while also minimising traffic-related problems.

Architect: Mutopia

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  • James Bo Bames says:

    Very Interesting idea..

    What would the real benefits of a greenhouse in the middle of a building be though? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just put the green house on it’s own floor or better yet on the roof?

    I’d like to see more specifics but i really like the direction.

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