Bobbin – Hanging Fibreglass Lace Lamp by Niels Van Eijk & Miriam Van Der Lubbe

Three rectangular objects that are made of strands of fibreglass now hang in the central lobby of the new building. Just like the original Bobbin Lace Lamp, they provide light without the use of bulbs. The light is produced in a hidden box and transported by the strands of fibreglass until it reaches the end of the object. In this way the entire construction of woven strands of glassfibre becomes a source of light in its own right. This makes it a unique employment of sophisticated technology executed in a paradoxical, manual fashion.The shape of the three rectangular lamps interacts with the various surface segments of the wall and the colorful floor that are, themselves, based on stylistic motifs.

Designer: Niels Van Eijk & Miriam Van Der Lubbe [ Via: Inhabitat ]


  • dustin says:

    do they really provide enough light to be functional in such a large space, or is it just aesthetic?

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