Antropomorfo (Human Form) Chairs by Gam Plus Fratesi

“Antropomorfo Chairs” is a serie of chairs developed combining forms inspired from childrens drawings obviously out of proportions, with materials, colours and details typical from the scandnavian tradition. A childrens drawing is extremely free. Interesting it is studying and understanding this spontanious expression in a three-dimensional way, translating this language in to a furniture. Natural and living materials is giving life to these personages between human and form. Oak, beech and walnut are combined with various joints inspired from classic wood furniture. The colours of the different wood draw on the surface lines and circles, defining a geometric structural signification. Rope and leather are applied on the wooden structures with traditional working methods, composing the sit. The big upholstered backs of the chairs covered in natural woolfelt are protecting the smaller elements and so their internal values. This overdimensioned element catch a great attention, but in the same time brings completely out of ballance all other elements; so renders the small details even smaller, though giving them even greater importance and a sence of irony.

Designer: Gam Plus Fratesi