Pet Cave by Sakura Adachi

Being inspired by Cave Bookcase, Cave Pet’s is a bookcase with an intervention of domestic pet’s (dogs and cats) house. Since animals have defensive behavior by nature, they tend to stay in corner of a room, hidden space and etc. Cave Pet’s can provide such a private space to your dog or cat. Cave Pet’s has bookshelves on one side, and can be placed against a wall. It is more slim and compact solution than Cave Bookcase. Therefore, it can be installed also in a small room.

Designer: Sakura Adachi


  • rayelle says:

    simple yet very effective!

  • carl says:

    dogs should be kept outdoors.
    dogs eat books!
    i dont like the suggesttion that dogs and books can live side by side. dogs are living books are static.

    you would defo have to train your dog to use this, it is not natural for the dog to go in there?

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