Reflections – World-class Waterfront Living by Daniel Libeskind

Reflections at Keppel Bay presents the new face to world-class waterfront living with its stunning architecture by master architect Daniel Libeskind. A symphony of six glass towers and 11 villa apartment blocks will house 1,160 luxury homes along a 750-m shoreline, all of which enjoy unparalleled views of the waterfront, golf course and lush surrounds. The towers are of 24-storey to 41-storey heights while the villa blocks range from six-storeys to eight-storeys. Combining heroic forms and classical elegance, the towers rise spontaneously as beacons of light’ at the gateway of Singapore’s southern waterfront hub comprising Keppel Bay, Harbourfront and Sentosa. The towers are crowned with lush sky gardens on sloping rooflines, and are linked by sky bridges, providing pockets of open spaces and platforms with near 360-degree views of the spectacular surrounds.

Architect: Daniel Libeskind [ Reflections ] [ Via: Property Report ]

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  • r2r says:

    moving,is this really the looks of things to come in the future??
    the green building idea has been there for a long time and finally its happening.
    the shape can be anything.yeah but like scupture indeed but i feel it should show stability and strength afterall humans will be on it.

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