O14 – Building Skin is its Structure by Reiser & Umemoto

A new tower rises at the heart of Business Bay. O14, a shining icon of cosmopolitan life where commerce and culture converge in an unprecedented new architecture. Rising above an exclusive site on the shore of Dubai Creek O14 is a tower formed around a new philosophy and space. The tower’s concrete shell not only is the structure of the building but also creates a lace-like faade open to light, air, and views. 21 stories of custom-designed office floors are carried without the barriers of conventional columns and walls. At ground level, exclusive shops link this site to Business Bay’s waterfront esplanade combining high-end shopping eminent culture and popular entertainment. Below grade, four levels of parking provide capacity for over 400 cars.

Architect: Reiser & Umemoto Via: Inhabitat


  • lama says:

    please i need all the details about your project.

  • its look ridiculous, like a laundry basket sold at Wal-Mart. i don’t like this one at all.

    • shafiq says:

      im a architecture student..may u give me the detail about the building,structure and cross section about o14 building, for my final project. i really interested about the skin or the structure of the building. because its one of the lighting device..im really appreciate if u give me all the information about the building.
      thank you

    • monkeyass1030 says:

      yea….so if you throw yourself down the building..basically you’ll die from laceration and amputation of limbs between the holes before you touch-down the asphalt?

  • FWStan says:

    The original twin towers in New York employed a similar structural system.

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