Next Gen Moc and Mule footwear brings comfort and aesthetics to your soles

For around half of my life, I’ve been wearing sneakers and boots and avoiding heels and sandals since I’m more comfortable with the former than the latter. Also, I’ve promised myself not to wear that certain brand that’s usually made fun of by shoe enthusiasts. Weird-looking footwear has never been my style although Merrell Hydro Moc is the closest I got to actually thinking of getting one.

Designer: Merrell

The Hydro Moc and Mule seem to be great options if you like hiking and doing all sorts of outdoor stuff but you don’t want to wear clunky boots and hiking shoes. The Next Gen versions of these unique-looking footwear are even more design-led but also sturdy enough with its EVA foam cage that can resist water and also keep your feet protected and resilient. They future-facing design doesn’t sacrifice aesthetics for quality protection and comfort as that’s what their market is most likely looking for.

The Hydro Next Gen Moc 1TRL has max cushion FloatMax midsoles and a better heel shape. You can still wear it hands-free and the EVA foam upper gives you a lightweight flexible fit. The BLOOM performance foam is actually made of algae biomass and it “magically” turns green water into clean water. The Hydro Next Gen Mule 1TRL meeanwhile is the open-back and more laidback version of the Moc. It still has the eVA foam and the BLOOM performance foam but also has the FloatPro Foam midsole to give you lightweight comfort.

Both the Moc and the Mule still has the trademark design that is inspired by the water flowing around and over rocks. I still wouldn’t wear a pair because of aesthetic (and financial) reasons but it does look good if you want to hike and walk around in style.