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Nothing pokes fun at Apple for discontinuing the iPhone Mini with the Phone (2a) Micro

Nothing's 2024 April Fool Joke is a Micro version of their Nothing 2a smartphone!

There are some people who still buy the iPhone 13 Mini in bulk because it’s the last small smartphone Apple ever made. In the pursuit of ‘bigger and better’, smartphone companies have abandoned the very concept of ergonomics, and phones nowadays are so large and heavy, people quite literally have indented pinky fingers as a result. The iPhone 13 Mini and perhaps the Asus Zenfone 9 were perhaps the last ‘small’ phones before the concept was retired – so Nothing decided to do something about it. Or rather, poke fun at it at least.

Meet the Phone (2a) Micro – an alternative to the Plus and Max phones of today’s world. Announced as a rather fitting April Fool’s Prank, the Phone (2a) Micro is functionally miniscule, measuring probably no larger than a Zippo lighter. However, it still manages to hold up rather well considering its size. The prototype (although we’re 99% certain it’s CGI) features a rather usable (yet tiny) screen that still somehow manages to be usable. The video above is a tiny (no pun intended) demonstration of the phone in action… and it also takes aim at major smartphone companies for abandoning the relatively large (again, no pun intended) audience of people with small hands!

Designer: Nothing

Roughly 3 inches tall, the Phone (2a) Micro comes with the same design as its predecessor, albeit scaled down. It ditches the dual camera on the back for a single one (there’s really no real estate for 2 lenses), but still retains every aspect of the phone’s design including even its Glyph Interface (which apparently works, in the video demo). Flip the phone over and you’ve got a virtually bezel-less screen (clearly even the tiniest of bezels weigh heavily on a phone that size), but the lack of bezels is made up by a whopper of a front-facing camera, which eats into a significant portion of the display. I guess good selfies are an important part of owning a phone, right?

I’ll be honest, April Fool’s Day jokes have all but died down ever since the pandemic, when corporates decided it just wasn’t worth the effort. Sure, sometimes a company like Volkswagen DOES crack a joke about rebranding to Voltswagen, sending economies and stock markets into a flurry, but overall, larger companies have sort of lost their sense of humor (Google used to crack elaborate jokes every year before Sundar Pichai took the reigns). However, it’s good to see newer companies taking things in their stride and trying to engage with their fans and communities using humor. Whether it’s Nothing’s tiny phone, or Razer’s chair with robotic arms, a good corporate joke just makes large brands feel more human, allowing people to resonate and connect with them on a deeper level… but as far as the Phone (2a) Micro goes, does it have a 3.5mm audio jack, though??

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