Nissan’s interactive robots team up to make in-car parenting a breeze and favorite activity for babies onboard

Experts suggest, going out with your fussy infant for a drive can lull them to sleep and smoothen their peace. But sitting in the car, facing the other way around in their chair, a child may not always be the happiest and you may not have all the control you desire. To your rescue, Japanese auto giant Nissan has designed cute robots that will make in-car parenting a breeze and a favorite activity for your tiny winy.

This is being made possible by Nissan through Iruyo: The Intelligent Puppet. The automaker has collaborated with compatriot Akachan Honpo, a baby goods retailer, to make the Iruyo, furry babysitter. It comes built-in with a range of sensors and communication devices to ensure parents get an affordable toy robot they can safely have around their baby.

Designer: Nissan x Akachan Honpo

To cut the chase, Iruyo: The Intelligent Puppet is a moniker used for a set of two similar-looking state-of-the-art robotic companions that vary visually in their size and come in thoughtfully fashioned red and subtler pink and white colors. The little one, aptly called the Baby Iruyo, is designed to sit near the driver – essentially in the cup holder – while the elder Iruyo rests in the backseat, facing the child sitting in their chair.

Baby Iruyo is programmed to understand voice commands; guess, only in Japanese for now. So, when the child gets cranky in the backseat, the parent can speak some consoling commands such as “I’m here” or “play peek-a-boo” and the little Iruyo relays that to the Iruyo, facing the child, which then makes suitable gestures to keep the kid entertained.

Well, Iruyo is either avatar is only a concept for now, but already the highly researched companion robot has been found to be a preoccupying activity in 90 percent of babies. Half of this percentage of babies have even experienced mood enhancements with the robot by their side. This data is instigating the makers to continue with trials and general experience sessions. One such event is slated at the Akachan Honpo store in LaLaport Yokohama on February 10 and 11.