Beatbot AquaSense Pro review: Smart and Powerful Swimming Pool Cleaner


  • Versatile 5-in-1 pool cleaning functionality

  • Long battery life up to 9.5 hours continuous runtime

  • Smart MemoryPark feature ensures effortless retrieval from the surface


  • Needs to be charged

  • Unable to detect new debris in previously cleaned areas

  • Larger debris may float away during surface cleaning




Beatbot AquaSense Pro redefines pool cleaning with AI, efficient floor-to-surface cleaning, and water clarification, becoming a dream for pool owners.

Swimming pool cleaners have been around for a long time, but those available from Leslie’s Pool Supply or even the robotic ones on Amazon lack technological innovation, making them no better than traditional pool cleaners. These traditional pool cleaners, often known as suction-side or pressure-side cleaners, operate more simply than their robotic counterparts. They’re costly and need to be connected to a hose that hooks up to the pool’s existing filtration system.

Designer: Beatbot

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This review explores why smart robotic pool cleaners, particularly the Beatbot AquaSense Pro, are the future. As a spoiler, Yanko Design named it one of the best consumer products at CES 2024.


The Beatbot AquaSense Pro is the world’s first all-in-one intelligent pool-cleaning robot. It’s cordless and cleans the floor, waterline, and surface. It also features a water clarification function. With 20 onboard sensors, nine powerful motors, a dedicated Quad-Core 1.8 GHz processor, and an AI algorithm powered by Beatbot OS, it’s a dream come true for pool owners.

The “holistic” view of this robotic pool cleaner is impressive, given its numerous industry-first innovations. Let’s start with its simulated flight propulsion design. No other pool cleaner on the market can float to the surface and clean it intelligently.

This design draws inspiration from nature, specifically from the feeding mechanism of blue or humpback whales. These whales use a unique mechanism called filter feeding to consume large quantities of small prey, such as fish and tiny sea creatures. They do this by opening their mouths wide to gulp in a massive amount of water, then pushing the water out through their baleen plates with their tongues.

The AquaSense Pro robotic pool cleaner works similarly. It has a front flap and uses two propeller motors and two floating chamber motors to glide and suck in debris, leaves, bugs, and other pool pollutants. Its unique AquaGlide™ Simulated Flight Propulsion Design System enables it to move on water. Its top suction mouth and dust-rolling brush capture debris, preventing them from sinking. This feature alone saves significant pool cleaning time. After each cleaning cycle, the results are satisfactory.

It’s important to note that in its current form, the Pro Mode only makes one pass over the surface. After cleaning an area in an S-shaped pattern on the pool floor and surface, additional debris or leaves may fall into the pool. In such cases, do not expect the device to recognize and go back to clean that area again.


Where the AquaSense Pro truly shines, literally, in every sense of the word, is another industry-first — the built-in clarifier dispenser for a cleaner-looking pool by clearing up the pool water. This process takes place while cleaning the floor. The AI algorithm determines the amount needed based on the pool size for the most efficient use of the chemical.

In terms of cleaning, this robotic swimming pool cleaner excels. I’ve had the opportunity to use it in my pool and can attest that it effectively removes both visible and invisible debris. It’s surprising to realize how dirty the pool water is when you remove and clean the two-layer filter. This filter basket captures and holds all debris, accommodating particles as tiny as 150 micrometers.



Strong suction is just one aspect. The two sets of brushes, placed at the front and back, scrub simultaneously, enhancing the cleaning power. It’s quite captivating to observe them in action. These brushes operate at different speeds and in different directions at times for precise control and extensive coverage, ensuring a thoroughly clean pool. Usually, I find myself scrubbing the sides and bottom of the swimming pool every few days. Now, that task is reliably delegated.

The CleverNav plan effectively maps out and charts the path forward for an S-shape cleaning pattern for the pool floor and surface, while the sides and waterline utilize the N-shaped cleaning pattern. It does a great job of preventing overlaps. However, I don’t mind a bit of overlap, considering my swimming pool is as old as the house, which is over 35 years old.

Beatbot informed me that future firmware updates will allow for customized cleaning modes, which could enable the robot to clean continuously for up to 9.5 hours if necessary. On average, the battery life of the robot is over 5.5 hours on a single charge, taking less than 3 hours to fully recharge from complete depletion. If the battery level falls below 15%, the robot smartly returns to its starting point and parks itself on the water surface near a wall. It then automatically expels the water from its cavities. This makes it lighter when lifting it out of the pool and prevents a lot of water from spilling out. This MemoryPark smart return to the starting point is another industry first.


I appreciate that, unlike other robotic pool cleaners, I don’t need to manually turn this one on or off for charging or use. It begins charging as soon as I place it on the charger, regardless of whether it’s on or off. After removing it from the base charger, it takes only 3 seconds to calibrate on a level surface before it’s ready to clean.

The buttons are designed and arranged intuitively. From left to right, they include quick clean mode, standard mode, power on/off, pro mode, and eco mode. My preference is the pro mode as it cleans the entire pool, encompassing the bottom, sides, water line, and surface. The Quick mode cleans the floor once, while the Standard mode also cleans the floor, walls, and waterline once. The ECO mode cleans the floor once every other day. A Custom mode, set to be available later through an over-the-air update, will allow for personalized cleaning settings.


Beatbot has impressively incorporated a vast amount of technology and innovation into the AquaSense Pro. It’s hard to comprehend the 131 patents it holds, including 51 inventions and 20 sensors measuring water pressure, ultrasonic sensors, hall sensors, and temperature and humidity sensors. It even includes IMU and electrical current sensors to ensure smooth operation. Thanks to its nine motors, this robot can climb steps, clean them, and then proceed. The brushless main water pump motor at the robot’s core is a powerhouse. It’s akin to a 16-cylinder engine on a Bugatti arranged in a unique W configuration, ready for action every time water oozes out. Collectively, the drive-wheel motors, floating chamber peristaltic pump, surface propeller, stepping motor, and reagent pump motor make the AquaSense Pro one of the best swimming pool cleaners I’ve used in the past two decades. If you’re looking for a new cordless, hassle-free robotic cleaner, this will be the last one you’ll need to invest in.

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