Minimalist lamp uses simple, linear shapes to create a functional and ambient light source

Lamps are something that you need especially if you’re particular with the working or ambient light at home. I particularly don’t look that much at the design when I’m buying one but more on the practicality or how easy it is to set up and use. But if something can tick all of those boxes and has a minimalist look as a bonus, then it’s something worth looking at. You don’t need elaborate or intricate parts and designs to come up with something pleasant to look at that can also be as multi-functional as possible. As the designer says, “Good design is as little design as possible”.

Designer: Y.S.M. Products and Baptiste Vandaele

The Linear Table Lamp is an upcoming Kickstarter project that aims to bring a simple enough lamp that only needs a few linear planes and a light bulb. It is made up of a steel body with a rectangular base and two planes that face it at a 45 degree angle. This particular angle of the planes brings a light and shadow effect to your lamp so that the light is reflected downwards. The metal surfaces are bent and welded but there are no other redundant elements as it is inspired by the Bauhaus art movement.

The light source itself is a 3000K LED bulb that is dimmable so you can use it either as a desk lamp or an ambient lamp. The color of the bulb is the perfect one that can be functional or cozy and can be controlled through a button attached to the cord. You will be able to adjust the brightness or dimness of the lamp depending on what you need at the moment. The color of the lamp itself is also pretty minimalist but with splashes of bright colors in case that’s what you prefer.

The simple design of the lamp as well as the color options (green, orange, white, gray) makes it appealing as an addition to my sometimes messy desk. The Kickstarter funding project will launch by January next year where people will be able to pre-order it. No price or other funding details have been revealed but it is one that I may actually watch out for if the other details are reasonable.