Meet The World’s Smartest Tiny Home That Expands To 3 Times Its Size

Tiny homes gained popularity a couple of years ago, and since then they’ve cemented their place in the world of architecture. What started off as a cute little trend is now turning into a serious option for home spaces. They are a space-saving and eco-friendly living solution that reduces the load on Mother Earth. They’re simple and minimal alternatives to the imposing and materialistic homes that seem to have taken over. And if you love exploring tiny homes, as much as I do, then you’ve reached the right spot. Podform’s newly launched Pod Studio might just be the tiny home you’ve been looking for!

Designer: Podform

California-based Podform just created the world’s smartest tiny home called Pod Studio. The unique tiny home can expand up to 3 times its original size! The Pod Studio’s original size is 161 square feet, however, it can transform to 454 square feet within 15 minutes! The tiny home is portable and easily transportable and requires no foundation owing to its built-in hydraulic legs. This enables effortless and efficient loading and unloading. It features solar panels and smart technology, which can be controlled via an app, and battery storage systems, and a built-in water and septic tank as well.

The Pod Studio is extremely durable! It is built using steel and aluminum and features a solar awning energy system, which provides protection against 100 mph winds and fire for up to 90 minutes. Security was also given priority for the Pod Studio since tiny homes can be moved around quite easily. The home is equipped with four built-in lens cameras and doors that are locked with Touch-ID technology. AI was utilized to analyze water, electricity, and weather data, providing residents with inputs such as “open the shades” and “turn on the heater”. A projection glass is also incorporated in the house which transforms the cozy home into a scenic haven.

If you want to experience the Pod Studio,  you can book a stay in the Pod Studio prototype situated near the Joshua Tree National Park in California. Guests can book their spot with a $50 deposit, for one night at a rate of $250, instead of the original price of $350.