This All-Black Chalet With A $15 Million Price Tag Is The Modern-Day Wayne Manor Fit For Batman

Tucked away into Utah’s majestic Powder Mountain is a stunning all-black chalet that will quite literally take your breath away. Call it the ultimate villain’s lair or a modern-day abode fit for Batman, the Power Mountain Dark Chalet has a sculpted black exterior that oozes mystery, moodiness, and sophistication. Nestled away in the Summit Powder Mountain Ski Resort, the chalet is an hour north of Salt Lake City and seems to mysteriously float above the rocky landscape. The luxurious retreat has a mesmerizing asymmetrical form that boasts a glossy and matte composite skin –  making it seem like a precious black diamond wedged into the mountainside.

Designer: Tom Wiscombe

Designed by LA-based architect Tom Wiscombe, and quite rightfully dubbed the Dark Chalet, the impressive retreat is a 5900-square-foot geometric home built using black solar panels. The home is able to generate 300% of its own energy needs. As you enter the abode, you’ll be quite impressed, as the interiors are as exquisitely done as the exterior. The interior is open and free-flowing, and rather expansive, inviting you in and making you feel right at home. The structure holds five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms. It is adorned with various star features such as a sculptural fireplace, a custom Boffi kitchen, and an LED light display recreating the Orion constellation.

The massive central fireplace draws a lot of attention, as it has been dramatically embedded into the glass-railed staircase that connects the various levels of the home. The space is accentuated with multiple floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to stream throughout the day. And at night, impressive light fixtures illuminate the space. As mentioned earlier, the dining room ceiling has been equipped with a fascinating LED installation that perfectly mimics the Orion constellation.

The Dark Chalet’s drool-worthy good looks and sense of style are balanced out by the use of sturdy and eco-friendly materials to construct it. The chalet perfectly balances aesthetics, functionality, utility, and sustainability, in turn, creating a haven that is worthy of its $15 million price tag…or is it a bit much? The residence would make for the ultimate weekend getaway if you’re willing to pay the rather heavy and dark price.