Portable washing machine can fit in your suitcase and let you do laundry anywhere

Traveling might be an exciting and enriching experience, but it can also be stressful when you consider the preparation and maintenance involved. Packing can be a frustrating puzzle game of fitting as many clothes in a suitcase as possible, which can be problematic the longer your spend away from your home base. It’s definitely impossible to pack enough clothes for more than a week’s trip, and you’d be forced to do laundry one way or another, which can itself be a source of stress when trying to survive in a foreign land. Wouldn’t it be grand if you could bring your washing machine along with you in the first place? Fortunately, that’s actually possible, at least for small and light pieces of clothes, with this collapsible washing machine that can even fit inside your suitcase.

Designer: Modern-G

Truth be told, it’s always possible to do laundry on your own in whatever hotel or AirBnB you’re staying at, but it’s not exactly convenient nor affordable. Not all accommodations even provide such an amenity, forcing guests to search for laundry machines or services elsewhere. Given how washing machines work, it’s almost inconceivable that you’d be able to bring one along with you, not to mention cramming it inside a travel suitcase, but that’s exactly the miracle that this portable washing machine tries to pull off.

You’d be forgiven if you mistake this odd appliance for a gigantic collapsible silicone cup because that’s exactly the same mechanism that the G-Soak uses to implement its shape-changing feat. Its collapsed form lets you stow it inside a suitcase, though you will have to sacrifice some space for it. When expanded, it has a size of 6 liters, large enough to hold 4 shirts or 10 pieces of underwear at a time.

It functions pretty much the same way as a regular washing machine, except on an extremely smaller scale. It spins soapy water around together with your clothes to take the place of manual scrubbing. It can even “dehydrate” or spin dry clothes, though we all know how effective that is in actually drying clothes. Still better than having to hang dripping clothes inside the room. There’s a special drain valve at the bottom to make it easy to remove the used water without having to tip the whole container over.

As far as appearances go, you can’t really say that the G-Soak is inspired, but few washing machines are, anyway. The focus, after all, is on portability, and in that arena, there are few or even nothing like it in the market. It’s not going to solve all your travel laundry problems, though, especially when it comes to heavier and bigger pieces of clothing, but it will most likely get you by without having to stress over where to do your laundry in an unfamiliar place.