Floating Lakeside Pod Lets Visitors Meditate to the Sound of Water and Nature

You don’t need ASMR audio of waterfalls and babbling brooks when your yoga center is literally floating on a lake!

Say hello to the Lakeside Meditation Pod, an outdoor space designed by Sri-Lankan architect Thilina Liyanage, to allow yoga practitioners to meditate amidst nature. The pod showcases an almost egg-like shape, putting you in the womb of mother nature, with enough ornate decorations to really give the space a distinct aesthetic. Some would even compare it to a conch shell, which is known to have a high significance in Hindu tradition for its ability to generate the frequencies of the “Om” chant often associated with yoga and meditation.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

The meditation pod sits on the edge of a lake, hovering above the water’s surface with enough open area to let people view their surroundings. To enter the pod, one needs to climb up a short flight of stairs that leads to the pod’s small floor, which can easily accommodate up to 5 people and one instructor.

The upper view of the pod shows its construction, using two halves that join together to form a vertical seam. Liyanage is known for his biophilic approach to design, with liberal use of natural materials, and the meditation pod falls well within the architect’s style guide. The meditation pod uses a combination of wood and composite paneling, with detailing on the roof to give the pod an almost Faberge egg-like appeal. There’s even an exit facing the lake, for people looking to take a dip after a refreshing yoga session!