Conical chair gives you a majestic seat whether indoors or outdoors

Chairs need to be stable and comfortable, but beyond these two critical requirements, everything else is pretty much fair game. From materials to forms, there is a lot of variation possible, which has given rise to a great number of chair designs, from the most minimalist to the most sophisticated. You don’t always have to go overboard, though, when trying to come up with a distinctive design for a memorable chair. This one, for example, starts out with a simple geometric shape that evolves into something with its own personality, almost resembling an exquisite yet subtle throne that you can sit on, whether relaxing in the castle that is your home or basking under the glory of the sun in your backyard.

Designer: Matias Ferrari

It’s easy to underestimate the value that simple shapes can provide, especially when there’s so much attention paid to elaborate and complex forms, contours, and colors. Even minimalist designs sometimes pile on multiple elements, straddling the fine line that divides minimalism and everything else. There is, however, an elegant beauty to simpler forms that diverge little from their base geometries, such as the Conicent Chair concept that elevates a cone into a majestic piece of furniture.

The design takes a simple cone with its front half chopped off and then makes the top drop inside, almost like caving in on itself. This creates what looks like a smaller inverted cone inside that serves as the main surface for sitting. Adding a cushion makes it a comfortable indoor chair, though leaving it bare makes it suitable for outdoor use.

The semi-circle shape of the chair’s base gives it enough stability, but a hollow trapezoidal structure can be added underneath for support. This can be made from a different material or in a different color from the chair, such as finished wood, to give a bit of chromatic contrast. A better material has to be chosen if the Conicent chair will be made for outdoor use.

The chair’s wide base that gracefully tapers toward the top helps lead the viewer’s eyes to the one sitting on it, an effect that is widely used for giving focus to prominent people, like royals on a throne. Unlike a throne, however, the Conicent Chair is made to be comfortable and ergonomic, regardless of your preferred sitting position, thanks to gentle slopes and curves in every direction. With just a cone and, optionally, a trapezoid, this chair concept offers a simple yet elegant piece of furniture that will make you look like royalty and maybe even feel like it.