Meritalia showcases unique Pesce furniture pieces at Milan Design Week

Italian furniture brand Meritalia is showcasing some of its most unique and artsy pieces created by long-time collaborator Gaetano Pesce. The exhibit is called “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” and launches at the ongoing Milan Design Week. The famous sculptor, designer, and architect has contributed a lot to the aesthetics of the furniture brand over the past years and the exhibit itself is more than just a look at various chairs and sofas but can also be considered an art exhibit.

Designer: Gaetano Pesce

Just like the actual furniture itself, the exhibit space brings an “unusual and unstable choreography” as it reaches toward the sky rather than just have a flat space to showcase pieces that can be right at home in a C.S Lewis or Neil Gaiman storybook. Pesce is well known for playing around with color and materials and he was able to bring this sensibility in the “characters” that he created for the brand. The dream-like pieces are more art than just functional pieces of furniture so they’re perfect for this kind of exhibition.

There are nine pieces included in the exhibit. This includes the modular La Michetta, made up of various colors and sizes of sofa pieces put together. You also see the soft couch called Nubola and the La Pagnotta chair that looks like a character from Alice in Wonderland. You also see the Shadow armchair with its various folds and creases as well as the Gli Amici, an upholstery collection with various fun characters.

The exhibit space uses a plane with neon green colored floors and walls sloping up to the sky. The walls also has various graphics that are also a reflection of the design aesthetics that Pesce brought to Meritalia. The “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” exhibition can be found at MDW until April 23, 2023.