The first wooden t-shirt by Vollebak is painted with the cleanest black ink derived from wood waste

For almost everyone I know, a black shirt or blouse is a wardrobe staple, no matter what your fashion sensibilities may be. In fact, for some, black is probably the only color that they prefer. But according to a research from the World Health Organization, most of the black pigments used may be carcinogenic since they come from the process of burning petroleum. There are some enterprising and eco-friendly creators out there who really love black and have created something a little more earth-friendly and safe.

Designer: Vollebak

This British clothing brand have come up with a simple black t-shirt that is not only made from wood but even the color used is also made from wood. The aptly named Wooden T-Shirt is the latest in their earth-friendly line of black shirts. Previously, they created the Black Algae Dyed T Shirt which was able to absorb CO2 and the Off Grid shirt which was made from nettle stalks and red turnips. This time around, the black shirt is made from wood pulp and seaweed and dyed with wood waste.

The material used for the shirt is partly drawn from pulped eucalyptus (75% Lyocell) and also from seaweed from the Icelandic fjords (19% SeaCell). It also has a bit of Roica V550 biodegradable fiber so the cloth can stretch a bit. The bio-ink that makes it black is created from wood waste from various materials like lumber, paper, and even flooring sectors. Because of this wood ink, the shirt will be able to absorb CO2 as well for the next 100 years, long after you’ve passed from this earth.

As for the design, there isn’t much innovation there as it is just a plain, black t-shirt. Most people who wear shirts like this don’t really care much about other design innovations though and what makes this Wooden T-Shirt different isn’t how it looks like but how it was created. The retail price for earth-friendly black staple wear is $125. There are various sizes available, from XS to XXL. It would be interesting to see what other eco-friendly shirts Vollebak will come up in the future.