This concrete holiday home in the Korean mountains resembles a stoic stone fortress

Located outside the South Korean city of Chuncheon-Si, tucked away in a valley beneath the imposing mountains is a modern mountain house called Uirim Inn. Designed by 100A Associates, the minimal home is discreetly nestled away and looks like a walled concrete fortress. It has a rustic yet contemporary appeal to it!

Designer: 100A Associates

The home is a great resting location for travelers traveling through the rural area. It serves as a warm and inviting space, where travelers can rest and recuperate. Although the exterior is quite introverted and subtle, the home itself is meant to be a safe haven, where guests are always welcome. The structure is divided into two elements – a permanent residence for the host, where he stays year-round, and two suites for the guests. The home is connected with the forest, as it opens towards the slope, but at the same time, it is provided privacy from the valley.

The home has a rather poetic concept to it, which is highlighted by the team, “An exceptionally bright chestnut tree was situated as if it were the owner of the land. The traveler in the forest humbly accepted it, and the chestnut offered him the comfort of silence. That’s how Uirim Inn was settled under such a beautiful and peaceful chestnut tree.” Wood was used generously throughout the home. The tranquil timber interiors allow wood to resonate throughout the space. Sunlight streams into the home throughout the day, creating a comfortable and cozy respite for travelers. The interiors feature a reddish wood, which beautifully contrasts against the concrete exterior, and the rusted steel detailing of the home.

The guest bedrooms proudly open up to their own private garden via a full-height glazing wall, and sliding glass doors, that provide views of the gardens even when they’re closed. This allows for a wonderful indoor-outdoor connection and lets the quietness of the forest descend into the home, lending it an air of tranquility as well. If you look at the holiday home closely, you’ll realize it really looks like an enclosed and private stone fortress, but once you enter it, you are instantly put at ease with its warm wooden interiors.