All-in-One Screwdriver Review: Putting a Beautiful Twist on a Classic Tool


  • Beautifully crafted for usability and designed to last

  • Unique Spinner Wheel mechanism provides additional torque without switching tools

  • Built-in ball bearing provides buttery smooth spinning

  • Removable bit holder can be used with standard electric screwdrivers


  • Repeatedly attaching and removing the Spinner Wheel can be a bit inconvenient

  • Display stand only has room for nine bits




This All-in-One Screwdriver makes short work of any screwing task with its smooth ball bearing and unique torque-maximized Spinner Wheel while also looking fabulous on your work table.

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Next to a hammer, a screwdriver is one of the most common tools you’ll want to have around the house. In fact, you might even want to have a screwdriver with you most of the time, which can’t be said for a hammer. A screwdriver is, after all, easy to pop into an Everyday Carry or bag, and they can even be a bit more stylish than your average tool. In fact, there are plenty of such unusual screwdrivers popping up here and there. Some try to be different for difference’s sake, while others aim to reduce the tool’s size or improving its efficiency. While those ideals might be praiseworthy on their own, it’s hard to find a design that embraces all of the above. Mininch (“mini-inch”) was one of those that dared to dream the impossible and, even better, turned it into a reality, so we decided to give the Spinner Drive a literal spin to see if it is able to deliver.


This innovative screwdriver looks deceptively simple. The palm-sized barrel is reminiscent of a short pen, but the groves around it is a telltale sign of its real nature as a power tool. Behind its seemingly basic appearance, however, lies a design that pays a great deal of attention to every inch of the product to address the most common pain points of such a tool. Those CNC Machined slip-resistant grooves, for example, not only give a better grip but also prevent the screwdriver from rolling off tables.

We’ll get to the ergonomic gains of this revitalized common work tool in a bit, but it’s hard to ignore the fact that this screwdriver looks almost too stylish to be a tool. The aluminum barrel sand-blasted finish looks just as refined as it is durable, whether in silver or black. The titanium nitride coating of the stainless steel bits for the Tough Editions gives it a lustrous golden sheen that almost makes it feel like a jeweler’s tool.

All-in-all, the Spinner Drive’s handsome looks give it another feature completely unrelated to its use. Propped up on a table or shelf using the included stand, the tool easily becomes a piece of decoration, something that any craftsman would be proud to put on display. With its headlining Spinner Wheel attached, it even takes on a sci-fi flavor, looking like a futuristic tower or space station that hints at its advanced features.


Many might argue that the screwdriver design isn’t broken enough to need fixing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved, either. One area where the common screwdriver design is actually lacking is ergonomics. The core design of the screwdriver hasn’t changed in centuries, though there were additions like grooves on the handles for better grip. It is designed for utility and mechanical efficiency, getting the job done but not always in the smoothest way possible.

In contrast, this all-in-one screwdriver is all about ergonomics and lets you exert less physical effort to accomplish the exact same things. The ball bearing in the top piece of the drive makes twisting the body smooth as butter, needing nothing more than finger strength to tighten screws. This also makes small, precise movements even easier, which is critical when working on smaller pieces like watches. Simply rest your index finger on the dimple on the top and spin the drive with two other fingers without breaking a sweat.

The drive’s special sauce is where it gets its name from, the Spinner Wheel that can be easily attached to the barrel to increase the available torque by increasing the diameter of the drive without actually increasing its size. Looking like a beautiful cog, the grooves on the wheel’s periphery provide the same strong grip when you need to exert more force than usual. With the wheel, the Spinner Drive becomes the equivalent of a T-handle screwdriver without forcing you to change tools or even how you hold the tool. This screwdriver is really the only one you’ll ever need, not just because of all the bits it includes but also because of how it makes screwing something feel so enjoyable.


A beautiful and ergonomic tool, however, would be a complete waste if it didn’t get the job done, especially not in the improved way it advertises. After all, any old screwdriver would work just as well, so why would you bother with something that looks almost too pretty to get dirty? Fortunately, the Spinner Drive isn’t all looks or talk and actually delivers on its promises.

The drive is indeed easy to use and spins so smoothly that you almost feel like you’re using a toy instead of a tool. In fact, you might even be tempted to use it as a fidget toy, spinning the barrel mindlessly to get your creative juices running. You can hold the handle like a traditional screwdriver, using the force of your wrist and forearm to do the work. Its magic, however, shines best when you rest the end of the barrel in your palm to utilize that ball bearing and let your fingers do the talking instead.

The kit includes a wide variety of bits, covering almost every kind of screw in existence, at least the standardized ones. The Tough Edition Plus even includes 20 of these! Switching bits is easy thanks to the use of strong magnets, and you might even be able to do it all with one hand only. And when muscle power just isn’t enough, you can use those very same bits with an electric screwdriver by removing the quarter-inch hexagon bit holder and attaching it to a standard power tool.

Attaching and removing the Spinner Wheel is just as simple but isn’t as seamless as with the bits. Therein lies the only compromise you’ll have to make with this design. You won’t have to reach for another tool to get that needed torque, but you do need to have the wheel on hand. You will then have to remove it as well if you need to switch to a more regular grip. Some might find themselves either ignoring the wheel completely or even keeping it on permanently. Either way, the drive will still look attractive, whichever path you take.


With an all-metal construction and no plastic in sight, this all-in-one screwdriver is easily one of the most sustainable purchases you can make for your toolbox. Its story, however, doesn’t start and stop at its composition, though. Like any other product, its value increases the longer you’re able to use it, and this is one drive you are unlikely to throw away or retire in just a few years.

Despite looking rather luxurious, this is a tool that was designed for rough use and built to last. Of course, the drive itself and the wheel can survive plenty of falls and bumps, but the bits are also meant to withstand wear and tear over long periods of time. The SUS420 Stainless Steel and Titanium Nitride coating on the Tough Edition bits also gives it increased resistance to rust and corrosion, making them usable even in high-humidity settings.

Since you don’t need to have a different screwdriver for different screws and won’t even need a T-handle driver just for added torque, the Spinner Drive significantly reduced the number of such tools that need to be produced. And since it lasts a lot longer than common off-the-shelf screwdrivers, you will be keeping it far longer, delaying its fate in landfills or even in recycling plants. If you consider how many screwdrivers are mass-produced, an all-in-one, all-metal design like these could have massive savings in resources if only it became a more common design.


It’s really not that hard to see the great value in a product such as the Spinner Drive. It hits all the right aspects of performance, usability, and design, all in a package that can be easily slipped into a pocket or bag. The genius of adding a ball bearing for smoother spins and a wide wheel for more torque cannot be stated enough. Those alone already set the screwdriver apart, and the universality of its screw bits put it leagues ahead of the competition.

The price is nothing to scoff at, either. At $99, it will admittedly be a lot more than a typical screwdriver with a plastic handle, but it easily pays for itself when you consider that it replaces ten or more such screwdrivers in your toolbox. And you won’t even want to keep it stored away in that toolbox when not in use. It looks so refined and so attractive that you’ll probably set it on top of your desk or workbench when not in use, perhaps to serve as a testament to great product design.


Just because something “Just Works” doesn’t mean it is actually working at its best possible performance. The screwdriver is probably something that few people will consider to be in need of significant improvement, but if you find yourself regularly dealing with different screws and ending up with sore hands and wrists, then you’ll definitely beg to differ. With an easy-switch bit system, a buttery-smooth ball bearing, and an innovative torque-increasing wheel, this All-in-One Screwdriver clearly delivers all that you need to work on any screw, making work a little less tedious and perhaps even more enjoyable.

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