This wooden floating sauna is designed to drift around the Stockholm archipelago

There’s something about a floating sauna that just sounds extremely right to me, and the Swedish studio Sandellsandberg designed exactly that! Called, the Big Branzino, this floating sauna is designed to drift around across the Stockholm archipelago. A steel catamaran hull supports a minimal timber structure with a mesmerizing bow-shaped roof, which shades a central sauna room.

Designer: Sandellsandberg

“The client, a creative person from the Stockholm tech scene, had a dream about creating a truly extraordinary floating sauna experience, something elegant and refined, yet unexpected,” said Johan Strandlund, an architect at Sandellsandberg.

The exteriors of the beautiful sauna are finished with pine planks, allowing the floating structure to harmoniously merge with the surrounding forests that it will be continually crossing. It features two major decks amped with fully glazed ends at both the bow and the stern. A shower and a bathroom are positioned on either side of the central sauna space, which includes a two-tiered seating section placed around a stove. There is a ladder at one end, which leads to the roof, wherein another intimate seating area provides stunning views of the landscape. The ladder can be easily folded and stowed away whenever needed.

“The exterior is a rugged pine to blend in with the surrounding nature, (while) the interiors and furniture are made of western red cedar due to its great characteristics for sauna and outdoor use. The design revolves around its distinct shape. The lowest point of the arch creates warmth and closeness to the glow of the fire, and as the arch rises to the sides it allows the stars of the night sky to be admired from the inside,” said Sandellsandberg.

A cedar box at the front of the sauna holds the wheel and the controls, which allows the sauna to drift around the archipelagos at a maximum speed of five miles per hour. “It can travel freely at its captain’s discretion, from a few hours of sauna with a view to adventurous, long trips,” said Johan Standlund. The beautiful sauna is a great option to unwind and relax amidst the exquisite views of the Stockholm archipelago, with a bespoke fireplace to keep you warm for overnight trips, and a rooftop to dance on when the night gets boring!