Doze side table lets your dog stay beside you while you work

While most dog owners would probably love to just play with their fur babies all day, most of them have to do some work at certain times during the day. If you work at home, then most likely your dog will park itself beside you while you work. It would be nice if they had a pretty nice spot beside you that will make them feel comfortable and at the same time will be of some use to you as well. There are a lot of pet furniture out there but this one says it is a home furniture that can serve as a bed for your dog.

Designer: Ashleigh Davies

Doze is a side table where you can put some of your stuff while working, like a notebook or the cup of coffee or glass of wine to energize you or just some pieces of decoration. The space for your stuff is actually a removable tray that you can attach or remove. It’s also not a full tray and more like a piece of wood so it would be hard to put a lot of things on top of it. The entire side table is mostly made from plywood so there is a sustainable aspect to it.

The important part of this furniture though is the semi-enclosed space that is made for your pet dog. Whether they just want to rest in it or play on their own while keeping a close eye on you while you work, the dog bed seems to be pretty comfortable. It has a customizable bed cover that is made from hypoallergenic memory foam so it is both comfy and also good for their joints and bones. Memory foam is known to distribute the user’s weight and remember their shape.

The side table that is also a dog bed benefits both the pet and the owner. For those times when you can’t hold them or let them stay beside you physically, this is the next best thing. Hopefully it will also help you in your productivity and not make you want to doze off yourself when you see your dog comfortably napping in their bed.