This air fryer and grill is compact, sleek, and lets you watch the oddly-satisfying process!

If 2020 and 2021 had a trending kitchen appliance, air fryers would reign supreme. Current air fryers on the market are bulky and made for cooking food that would suffice three or more people at a time. Just like rice cookers, there are no air fryers for one person or designs that look better on your countertop. Stark Lee noticed this gap and designed the Air Fryer cup to bridge it with more features and a visual makeover!

The Air Fryer cup is more compact, sleeker, and comes with a glass cloche that lets you enjoy watching your food evolve into fried goodness! Best part? It also comes with a grill so you can now do Korean barbeque nights for one! The product is designed in a way that it will be easier to clean when compared to current air fryers and also look classy if you want to leave it on your countertop. It almost looks as if Apple made this kitchen appliance…

It can make fried chicken in 25 mins and a fried fillet of fish in 15 mins. You can also use it to make popcorn and actually watch it pop, unlike the microwave bags or the movie theater machines! The Air Fryer cup also comes with a grilling plate – a feature that sets it apart from the competition – which is perfect for smaller quantities or for one-person households.

It has a 6mm thick cloche made of high borosilicate glass and a unique tetrapod-shaped handle that makes the grip a whole lot better. Air Fryer Cup has a touch interface that is intuitive and easy to use – a power button, temperature display, minimal icons to change the temperature, a timer, and a choice between fryer or grill mode. This is the air fryer we WANT for Christmas!

Designer: Stark Lee