Clean and minimal desk setups to take your home office up a notch + maximize productivity!

The most important element of our home office is our desk, especially since work from home became the new normal, and we basically bid adieu to corporate offices. Finding the right desk is just half the battle. You may find the best desk ever, but if you don’t know how to set it up, in accordance with your needs, then you may just be losing the second half of the battle. Maintaining a clean and organized desk is extremely essential because I truly believe a clean desk equals a clean mind. A great day of work partially depends on the state of our desk. If you want to set up your desk in the most efficient manner possible so as to boost productivity and motivation, then you’re at the right place. Here are a few impressive desk setups for you to gain inspiration from, and finally declutter and set up your desk the way you really want to. Best of luck!

This desk setup by Kim Ballesteros (@kim_blstrs) is sleek, futuristic, and uber cool! A dual monitor setup, a Playstation console, and controller, as well as speakers, make up the ultimate boys zone. He’s maintained a minimal black and white theme, with a little wooden platform providing a pop of contrast. Also, note how the Playstation console has been wall-mounted. What a cool way to save space and display your favorite gaming console!

This desk setup by The MagiTech (@themagitech) features a wooden theme! A dual-screen setup and a quirky keyboard add a futuristic and techy element to an otherwise neat and classic desk setup! I love the little potted plants, that add a surreal touch of green.

This desk setup by Jeorge Paolo (jeorgepaolo_) is everything I would want my desk to be! He’s placed only the bare essentials on his desk including an ergonomically cool mouse! A wooden stationery tray holds all his important knick-knacks – such as his spectacles. Everything that he would need on a regular work day is within his reach and neatly arranged.

This jungle desk setup by Brandon Westbury-Jennings (@rtwentysix) is truly one of a kind! It’s a clean gaming setup, that includes a quirky keyboard customized with Koi Carp keycaps! A jungle-themed desk mat, potted plants, and a pegboard surrounded by vines create a true jungle vibe.

This desk setup by @teksetup is work-from-home desk goals! A wall-mounted pegboard storage unit on one side of the desk perfectly stores his gadgets from an extra keyboard to headphones, to even little planters. A dual-screen setup is accentuated by an L-shaped lighting unit in the background. It illuminates the desk completely, providing plenty of light while he works!

This quirky and playful setup by @dailysetuptech features an interesting monochrome keyboard, a toy car, and some mini succulents! It’s an eclectic mix of cheerful products. Work will definitely feel like play on such a desk!

There is no such thing as ‘too big a screen’! We love this vibrant desk setup which is perfect for working from home as well as some Netflix and chill once work is done!

This desk setup by The Canistic (@thebucketlisttech) is heaven for anyone who likes to watch some Netflix during their work breaks! An earthy and minimal tone follows the entire setup, with an impressive TV screen placed above the desk.

I love this minimal monochrome setup! An antique lamp, matte black shelving, and hints of brown make it a cute and quirky workspace. It’s a simple and warm desk setup that helps you work clutter-free and peacefully!

This work from home office is heaven for plant lovers! The desk setup up by Andre Watts (@andrewattsbro) is an elongated one. It houses a dual-screen PC, a single-screen PC, and a tablet with an adjoined keyboard – all placed neatly and tactfully. Speakers, keyboards, and mouses have been interwoven in between the computers, with no one intruding on anyone’s personal space. I, also, love the mini garden setup behind the desk. It adds a calming dash of green in an otherwise techy space!