Meet the Lybra, a perfectly symmetrical lamp that can find its balance anywhere!

Inspired by the bird-shaped toys that could balance anywhere, the Lybra Balance Lamp uses similar physics, with an incredibly symmetric design that puts its CG right at the center and below its base. The result? A lamp that finds its equilibrium anywhere. Balance it on its dedicated base, on your finger, or even the corner of your desk and the Lybra rocks back and forth, finally finding its balance while reminding you to find your balance too.

The Lybra is designed to look like weighing-scales (tying back to the zodiac sign too), with two orb-shaped lights on either side of a symmetric frame. The frame comes with a tiny button on top that lets you switch the Lybra on or off and a metal cone at the bottom that allows the lamp to balance on a variety of surfaces. The blunted metal cone allows the Lybra to balance on a variety of surfaces (without damaging any of them), and it conveniently docks into Lybra’s base-platform too when you need to charge the lamp.

Light usually plays a secondary role in spaces, since it’s required to illuminate interiors. Lybra cleverly changes that by becoming the center of attention. With its beautifully interactive and captivating design, the Lybra invites you to get absorbed in how much fun it is to play with. At the end, the Lybra is a lamp but it’s also a fidget toy that your eyes and hands can’t get enough of! Designed to bring out the inner child in you, Lybra is something people of all ages can play with, and its minimalist design allows it to wonderfully integrate into any space too! The lamp is outfitted with LEDs on the inside that can be operated using the simple 1-button interface on the top. The playful lamp comes in three colors and has a 1000mAh battery built-in that gives it 6 hours of use on a full charge. The LEDs on the inside, however, have a lifespan of over 10,000 hours, giving you endless play-time with the lamp. You could use it as a regular portable light, a fidget-toy, or even as a meditation tool. Designed around the philosophy of balance and symmetry, the Lybra acts as a reminder that life may rock back and forth but everything eventually finds its equilibrium!

Designer: Zan Design Studio

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $119 (33% off).

Lybra Balance Lamp – Spin On Anything Without Falling

Lybra can be magically poised between balance and spinning at any pivot point, such as the included stand, your finger or even a pencil top. Place it, tip it, spin it – it always remains in stable equilibrium and won’t fall.

Lybra is an attention grabber, a conversation starter and a stress reliever that amazes anyone who lay eyes on it.

Find the Balance in Your Life

Just as Lybra teetering on the edge, seeming like it should fall any minute but surprisingly, always restores balance and stands upright. It reminds us that although we could roll with life’s punches, we should always find our ways to find our balance and inner peace.

A Light & An Art

Lybra’s slender arch frame in symmetry is complete with a glowing globe on either end, whose brightness can be adjusted on two levels.

When it balances, it looks like a sculpture radiating spiritual light that brightens up your mood; when it spins, it produces a marvelous optical illusion that puts your mind at ease.

Enjoy Me Time

Lybra enables you to connect with yourself in a world designed to be distracting. You just can’t help watching it at night and playing its therapeutic trick to pivoting, during which you will get relaxation and relief.

Connect With Families & Friends

Lybra is an object of the attention of your guests. It brings you closer by sitting you around and initiating a conversation.

The lamp uses the principles of centre of mass to keep balance on a point: the centre of mass (C) settles below its support, or pivot point (P), making it balance on almost anything and stable to small perturbations.

No magnets or adhesive required, just place Lybra on your finger, a pencil, or the edge of your desk, give it a turn and let the gravity do the work. It brings us back to the simple toy we played with when we were just kids.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $119 (33% off).