Inspired by Japanese bamboo weaving, Kengo Kuma’s shoes for ASICS are like ‘moving architecture’

Teaming up with the renowned Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma, ASICS has unveiled the latest edition of the Metaride, an all-white running shoe with a pattern inspired by Japanese Yatara bamboo-weaving, on the shoe’s body. The fabric strips wrap themselves in a seemingly chaotic way, but in fact, are strategically placed to hold the foot steady by binding with the shoe’s innovative Flytefoam base that uses cellulose nanofiber, a strong and lightweight wood-pulp derived material currently being researched and explored in Japan.

The shoe is described as ‘moving architecture’ by Kuma, who relied on the age-old technique of Yatara to provide aesthetic dynamism as well as a comfortable fit. The synthetic stripes wrap all around the shoe’s upper, securing your foot in place, while also cleverly forming the Asics stripe pattern on the side. The base is two-fold, with a brown midsole that breaks the all-white shoe’s design, and a white outsole at the bottom. The brown midsole is made from Flytefoam which uses cellulose nanofiber for strength and durability, while also remaining ecologically friendly. The CNF design gives the shoe’s sole its signature shape, with an upward-facing toe region that helps you run more comfortably. Right under the midsole is the white outsole which has a ‘Flytefoam Propel’ gel pad at the heel to give the shoe its enhanced cushioning and the wearer a literal spring in the step!

Designer: Kengo Kuma for ASICS