When a Jet Engine and an Air Purifier Collide!

With a design that has been heavily inspired by the distinctive form of a jet engine, the Air Jet S is certainly an air purifier that we can get behind! Carrying a design that focuses on the simplicity of use and the user experience, this compact purifier, with a capacity of 13m2, makes for the perfect addition to any small abode!

The small exterior conceals a rather clever internal structure; both the filter and the fan exit from the top of the device, the power is automatically cut when removed, this allows for quick and easy replacement or cleaning of the all-important air filter! Following the popular trend that sees an absence of physical buttons, Air Jet S is controlled through an intuitive smartphone app, allowing for remote control of the smart device!

All of this is wrapped up within a stunningly simplistic design that sure makes this device a desirable one!

Designer: Kwanjun Ryu for BRUNT

The shape of the Air Jet S was inspired by the jet engine to emphasize a strong wind. Small air purifier with a capacity of 13 m² can be used on the desk or near the bed.

The structure of the Air Jet S is simple. Both filter and fan part are separated upward. When you open the cap, you will get a handle to separate the fan. When you remove fan part, the power automatically turns off. After the filter separated, it can be wiped or replaced to new one.

Air Jet S can, of course, measure indoor air quality. It also shows outdoor air quality via Wi-Fi. You can experience the performance of the Air Jet S by comparing indoor and outdoor air quality.

The fan part of the Air Jet S is designed to be safe. If the fan is removed during operation, the fan returns for a few seconds due to inertia. However, safety bridges at the bottom prevent accidents. Safety bridges are designed to be round to minimize wind resistance.

When you remove and assemble the fan part, you can supply power without a cable connection. The magnet built-in pogo pin make it possible to assembl each parts very easily and surely.

Small but efficient. The Air Jet S consists of 11 injection parts and two PCBs. The BLDC motor operates at 2100 rpm and has very little noise. Equipped with a top quality air sensor, it can measure more precise air quality and at the same time operate the air purifier correctly.

Air Jet S has invested heavily in molds to maintain perfect shape in all directions. With 8 slide core molds, the shadow of the hole can be seen perfectly.