Razer’s webcam makes you look cooler in your twitch streams

Whether you’re vlogging or just streaming yourself playing PUBG or Fortnite, you’re putting yourself out there for the world to see… and a crystal clear webcam only does so much to make you look your best. That’s why Razer’s Kiyo comes with its own light-ring built right into it!

Considered one of the best gaming hardware companies internationally, Razer’s latest product broadly caters to streamers (podcasters, vloggers, gamers). The Kiyo is a simple plug-and-use webcam that captures video at 30fps at full HD (or at 60fps if you scale down the quality to 720p), but what’s more important is that the webcam comes with its own lighting solution. Built with a powerful ring-light around the lens, the Kiyo makes sure you’ve got a spotlight on yourself whenever you’re broadcasting. The ring-light comes with a rotating rim too, to adjust the brightness to a level that suits you. Go ahead… up your broadcasting game (while you broadcast yourself gaming!)

Designer: Razer

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