Not your regular kind of two-wheeled scooter!

The Z-Scooter looks like a scooter from the front, but is nothing like one. Part vintage scooter, part segway, and part electric vehicle, the Z-Scooter is an absolute fusion of styles and technologies, resulting in a vehicle that is so bizarre yet beloved looking, I can’t get my eyes off it!

Made for recreational riding, the scooter/segway hybrid is a fun looking vehicle that can run at recommended speeds of 20km/h for as long as 35km on a single charge. Inspired by the works of Corradino D’Ascanio, the pioneer of scooters (and the man who helped Piaggio build the iconic Vespa), the Z-Scooter is a hat-tip to the evergreen scooter aesthetic. It comes with an auto-balance feature like most segways, and even sports a quirky stand on the front for resting the vehicle. Lean forward and backwards to accelerate and decelerate, and turn the handles sideways to maneuver the Z-Scooter left and right, and that’s pretty much all the controls you’ll need to operate the EV. The machine may look like a timeless Italian classic, but it isn’t completely Italian. On the inside lies Xiaomi’s NineBot Hoverboard tech that helps efficiently power this gentle, awkwardly nostalgic beast!

Designer: Bel&Bel






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