The Cutest Projector I’ve Ever Seen!

Watching a video on your phone is not only extremely uncomfortable, but it can also be seriously damaging to your retinas. Avoiding such harm to your eyes isn’t at all difficult, but ‘Milk’ makes it even simpler.

Milk is a portable projector that carries a design that is so cute, you’ll want to show it off everywhere! It very conveniently connects wirelessly to the user’s phone, allowing them to project the video they are watching onto any wall and therefore making the activity far more sociable.

The form of Milk composes of two main bodies that seamlessly join using magnets; this method of connecting the two bodies together allows for unlimited adjustment of the viewing angle, making the perfect viewing angle easy to achieve! A singular button is located on the main body to turn the projector on, a surrounding light gently glows while the user becomes immersed in their video.

Designer: Ludwig Rensch





Making of ‘Milk’