An exquisite extinguisher design!


We’ve seen so many concepts tackle the functionality of a fire-extinguisher, helping it perform better, be carried easily, save lives. However, BLEND tackles the fire extinguisher’s aesthetic itself. BLEND aims at giving fire extinguishers a completely new lease of life by integrating them into the home better. Avoiding the “use only in an emergency” image – Blend is a user-friendly extinguisher. Designed by Wooseok KIM, BLEND was made with the harmony of the daily living space in mind, and with the vision of being managed intuitively by any user. Made from a semi-translucent polycarbonate, the internal levels of the fire extinguisher are gauged from a quick glance at the body. BLEND also has the use of a mood light during inactivity – with this added functionality, one can find a fire extinguisher easier in a smoke-filled room.

Additionally, there is a smoke detection sensor enables the user to stay safe in any instance. Truly a funky reimagination of a traditionally seen object, BLEND is a prime example of how to sneak (what was once seen as) hideous safety objects into the house by re-thinking and redesigning for future living.

Designer: Wooseok Kim