Norton’s sexy router connects and protects!

One of the world’s most beloved anti-virus companies has just entered the IoT market and we are honestly impressed! With 30 years of safeguarding our computers, Norton now has the solution for the future. A jaw-droppingly beautiful internet router that sits in your house, guarding not just one device, but all the devices that connect to it via WiFi.

This pretty drool-worthy Ferrero Rocher-esque router (codenamed the Norton Core) doesn’t just distribute wireless internet… it distributes protected wireless internet using machine learning, deep packet inspection, intrusion prevention, and other highly advanced techniques to protect your home network from any threats. On the inside is a phased-array antenna capable of doling out speeds up to 2.5Gbps (let the 4K streaming begin!) with incredible range and reach, thanks to Norton’s advanced beamforming technology.

Interestingly enough, on the design front, the Core looks nothing like any regular router. However, its beautiful geodesic design is almost a hat-tip to structural integrity, implying that the Core is safe, reliable, and incredibly capable! Plus with the matte finish bouncing light gently off its faceted design, this isn’t a router to be hidden, but rather celebrated on your coffee table or your mantelpiece!

Designer: Norton