iMac is Getting All Touchy Feely!


The iMac Flow concept connects users with their computer like never before! From the fingerprint security scanner (similar to that of the iPhone) to the full-screen, multi-touch display, the design is highly focused on tactile input.

The touch display allows users to work more efficiently and faster with everyday tasks. You can connect specific settings and actions to every dactylogram. This opens limitless opportunities when working with office applications, graphic design and video games. With all that touching, this all-new iMac also features a system to accumulate additional energy using heat from human hands for supplemental power!

Its full screen display is made of sapphire glass with liquid hardware inside. All additional ports and connectors are removed, leaving the final unit as aesthetically minimal as possible. Interaction with other gadgets requires wireless connectivity and synchronization between devices.

Designer: Herman Haydin