Your Moves make the Grooves!


Music and dance, as art forms, go hand in hand… but I’ve firmly believed that of the two, music has always had the upper hand. Music sets the stage for the dance to follow. You seldom see dance without rhythm, or music. The Pacer doesn’t alienate dance from music, but it gives movement the ‘first step’.

The Pacer is a suit that enables the wearer to convert movement into music. It uses sensors to pick up muscular movement and convert it into a trigger for musical sounds. Dancing to the rhythm now becomes dancing for the rhythm!

Pacer has a great future as a musical instrument, but imagine the alternative applications of this technology! The suit can be used to train people in synchronisation, or even rehabilitate and strengthen atrophied muscles. However, I still see it as paradigm-shifting musical tech. Imagine creating a soundtrack to a movie just by having actors wear the suit, or making a sculpture/painting and converting your body movements into a complementary music piece! Sounds almost fantastical, doesn’t it??

Designers: Danilo Zizic & Nikola Knezevic