When aerospace-specialists develop a motorcycle instead of spaceships!


Us gearheads are quick to throw each new bike (and their riders) into a specific category – oh, it’s a supersport with squid appeal… or, it’s a cafe racer only a hipster could appreciate. On a very rare occasion, something totally un-categorizeable presents itself and leaves everyone wondering, who’s going to ride that?! The Light Rider is one of these occasions. The first of its kind, this design’s premiere feature is a 3D printed frame. Bionic algorithms define the organic frame structure using design principles found in nature. This aerospace-approved approach gives the motorcycle superb stiffness and guarantees optimal use of material. 3D printing gives the geometrical freedom to realize such complex shapes. The motorcycle frame has been created out of thousands of thin layers in a metallic powder bed. Weighing in at just 77 kg, the Light Rider is quite possibly the world’s lightest motorcycle. The Power-to-weight ratio equals that of a supercar. Silent, emission-free and powerful. The Light Rider is powered by a 6 kW electric motor, accelerating the motorcycle with a up to 130 Nm torques. Not all of it is unfamiliar, however, the seat is scrambler-esque, the stance akin to a street tracker… as for everything else, it’s a bike in it’s own league. Thanks to its revolutionary low weight and intuitive handling, the impressive acceleration is sure to bring a smile to your face at every traffic light!

Designer: AP Works