A droolworthy pool


The Tournesol is a pool that’s ahead of its time. The dome structure, envisioned in an Acrylic material called Hi-Macs, gives it an iconic appearance. The structure was refurbished earlier last year, and the transformation is nothing short of breathtaking.

Oh, did I mention the dome is inspired by a sunflower, and can open up in the sunlight?!

Designers: Urbane Kultur & Hi-Macs






  • nayou_ says:

    Hi ! Your concept is really attractive !
    If you want more inspiration : I heard about another swimming pool thought on this principle.
    It’s based in Trélazé, France. Check it out if you want.

    • Sarang Sheth says:

      Yes, Nayou, the Sunflower pool can be found all over France. It was quite a happening trend back in the day. Sadly most of them have been demolished. This project aims at reviving the few that are left.

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