Advanced Mobility Through Design


Project Chances is a unique automotive experience that combines the high speed performance of land speeder with the sense of freedom offered by motorcycling. The result is a quick and nimble car/bike hybrid with a specialized autonomous mobility system focused on fun. Because it’s made for thrills on the twisties, the autopilot feature is designed to either manage the entire experience (like a roller coaster) or give up the controls to the driver while keeping a watchful eye in order to prevent accidents. The vehicle feels as though it is a single body with the driver. How much you lean is how sharp the vehicle turns, that is how the rugby-shape wheels work. The rear wheel is quite different. It splits in half and moves up and down individually. These rear wheels work with the invisible AI to help the driver maintain balance of the vehicle and prevent oversteering and understeering.

Designer: Siriphong Roongruengvuthikul