A Transformer to Take Over MotoGP

Designed for future MotoGP racing, the electric BMW iR concept focuses on mid-race transformation for enhanced performance. On a straightaway stretch of the race course, it has a long low profile. As it approaches a turn, the fork angle lessens and the swing arm/shaft shortens to decrease the rake and raise its ground clearance to create an optimal cornering experience. As for style, it embraces BMW’s clean, simple approach with minimal clutter and attention to surfacing at a maximum.

As its electric, the bike has no need for a fuel take. In place of the traditional tank, the concept features a beautiful subframe to support the rider. The seat has a unique shape with integrated knee pads designed in as one structure. An appropriate amount of negative space throughout the concept creates an extremely lightweight feel without looking wimpy or flimsy. The headlights are an especially interesting detail. Equipped with a lightweight plastic housing, the asymmetrical eyes of the bike are surrounded by translucent lenses, designed to create a unique glow at the front of the bike.

Designer: Jordan Cornille