The Proper Way To Listen To Music

Audiophile or not, the basic requirement for enjoying your music is a great speaker. If you add portability, then you have a winner on your hands. I’m talking about the Proper Audio 2, a speaker that offers rich sound and great flexibility. The truth behind portable speakers is that they are mostly used at home or at work, so instead of paying a premium for a tiny speaker, PA2 gives you useful movability, great sound and sleek looks at an amazing price.

Here are a couple of reasons why I’d recommend you back this amazingly awesome Kickstarter project:

  • The speakers are ultra portable and easy to mount.
  • Once elegantly mounted, the speakers create a full room sound experience.
  • The slim, low profile mount disks are barely visible. Simply stick them in each room and move the speakers effortlessly.
  • The mount disks are available in Black or White and install in 2 seconds with simple, residue free 3M adhesive.
  • Excellent for on the go; a single charge makes the battery last for full eight hours.
  • Specs include Bluetooth, compatibility with iOS, Android, Mac OSX, Blackberry, Windows, etc.

What really excited me is that this is also the world’s first magnetic iPhone speaker mount. We spoke with the designers to expand on this and Alon Tamir said, “With simple tap and go iPhone mounting, your speaker becomes the best place to leave your iPhone and enjoy movies, music videos, coverflow, facetime, Skype or anything else with great, big sound. It’s a completely new speaker experience.”

Enough said! The speakers are classy and a must-have, so check out the full details here.

Designer: StudioProper [ Buy it Here ]