HUD for Performance Sailors

When it comes to sailboat racing, the difference between winning & losing is the ability to adapt a carefully orchestrated plan to the ever-changing natural & competitive environment, faster than the competition. The key is having the right info at the right time. The Afterguard system provides this info by combining fighter style HUD with boat instrumentation data to give the best situational intelligence & performance metrics at a glance, on a small display mounted on sunglasses made for the harshest of environments.

StartSequence: at a glance the user will know with certainty how the boat is tracking to the start line, freeing the crew to concentrate on the speed build and competition for the perfect star. This is made possible by the intelligent time-to-kill metric that uses the boat’s current heading and speed to calculate the exact amount of time the boat must kill before crossing the line precisely at the gun.

Performance Dashboard: this displays the relevant information to any given crew member, from the helmsman to the trimmer. Metrics include boat speed, speed over ground, wind angle, wind speed, polar targets, heel and depth.

Virtual Tactician: this feature removes the guesswork associated with making a mark or clearing a boat. By tracking the user’s gaze and combining it with the system’s data the user will be able to make split second tactical decisions with relying on a hand bearing compass, lines marked on the deck or other basic means. Simply put, the user will be able to look at another boat and gauge whether they are ahead and whether there is room to cross.

Designer: Afterguard