Grass Printer For Lawnly Creatives

Move over dot matrix, because here comes the grass matrix. The Grass Printer is an automated mower that lets you create messages and art on your lawn. The mower’s smaller sized blades (resolution matters!) can selectively cut the grass to recreate whatever you sketch on its touchscreen. Small motors move the cutter shaft horizontally and vertically to create the selective trimming. The area of the art is defined by four sensors placed at each corner. Get one for yourselves and create the mother of all status messages. Of course on grass!

Designers: Prof. Doh Han Young, Jeong Koo Hee & Kim Min Hong


  • Charles Gillis says:

    Wow! amazing to print messages on the grass, “don’t walk on the grass” placed along edges.
    “cut by Chas” “no dogs allowed”
    Its amazing, where can I buy one?
    Charles Gillis
    Hazleton, Pa. 18201

  • Daniela Klinger says:

    its a great thing!
    where can i buy one?
    thanks a lot!
    daniela klinger

  • Frank Cheng says:

    Great design. Want to buy one and how to place the order? Looking forward to operating it.

  • kyoung says:

    wow~! veryvery good design

  • Olajide Adedamola says:

    Wow! This is great & amazing. Where can I buy it and how can I place an order.


  • Jason Irvine says:

    Seriously. ..where can I obtain this beautiful piece of machinery

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