2 Days Of TouchOfModern Giveaways – Day 2

Fact 1 – TouchOfModern is doing two exclusive Giveaways on Yanko Design, today is Day 2.

Fact 2 – We are still in March so this is no pre-April Fool’s Day prank, We told you so!

Fact 3 – Today, you get a chance to WIN iZZi Gadgets’ Orbit multiple camera lens for your iPhone.

To Win iZZi Gadgets’ Orbit Multiple Camera Lens for iPhone

  • Tell us if you prefer using your iPhone or a regular camera for photography / videos and why?

Contest Rules

  • Contest Extended Till: 31st March midnight PST
  • Standard Contest Rules Apply
  • Only One Answer Per Entry

Exclusive blue and purple editions of the iZZi Orbit are available only through TouchOfModern.

The iZZi Orbit combines the ingenuity of a Peripheral Motion Lock Technology (PMLT) integrated with three interchangeable lens options. iZZi Orbit gives the user instant access to three high quality optical lenses in a convenient all-in-one package: 180° fisheye, 67x wide-angle and 2x telephoto. Crafted from duraluminum, this case comes with the iDial, and affords great iPhoneography!

Simply rotate the Orbit to select the lens and you’re ready to shoot. The iZZi Orbit also features a Sure Hand Stabilizing Grip (SHSG), which assist users in reducing hand shake while shooting video, three precision tripod mounts for professional style shooting, and prefabricated slots for accessories such as a neck or wrist lanyard for safe and secure transportation of the phone.

Jayson Guzman created the iZZi Orbit as his answer to the complicated settings on SLR cameras, the ever average performance of point-and-shoots, and the lack of a slick, handy and friendly-priced device to take top-notch pictures for iPhone and Instagram fans. In his own words, they were iPhoneographer for other iPhoneographers, the iZZi Orbit offers Apple enthusiasts a premium stylish lens and case to take mobile photography & videography to the next level.

About TouchOfModern

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  • Marco says:

    Iphone! Convenient and fast, that is why I love having my iphone 5 around. But have to keep it real, for my pro needs my nikon wins.

  • Cathy M says:

    Prefer these lens for use on my iPhone! Much easier to take great spontaneous photos!

  • The iphone is a great technology that helps to get a photo or video quality quickly and good resolution. But not having the various lenses I have to use my camera.

  • Mighty_Mouze says:

    SLR Camera. More options to be creative and great quality.

  • Kaleo Kane says:

    It depends on the situation. If I could change focal length on the iPhone, it would be my primary video camera.

  • l I typically prefer my camera, because my android phone has such a slow response. I always have my phone in my purse though and rarely lug out the big camera. Maybe I should upgrade to an iphone!

  • rust says:

    Iphone, for convenience.

  • Matt says:

    I would personally use a Camera for photography any day. I love my analog cameras for capturing the raw moments in history. No time to stage a moment or get a million shots. You’ve got a roll of film. Make them good. And a HD Can for video. Vote: Camera

    PS. I love using my iPhone for in the moment shots when my camera isn’t handy. So this would be amazing.

    Yanko, you guys are amazing. Thanks for everything.

  • Mabel says:

    I usually use my iphone when I’m out and about. it’s difficult lugging around my huge camera and then whipping it out if something cool happens.

    These lenses are SO cool though!

  • Ching Yee says:

    I always have my iphone in my purse or pocket. And yes, I’m asian so I like taking pictures of food with my phone. Can’t really take out my dslr discreetly and have everyone stare 😛

  • yvonne says:

    Definitely an iphone for everyday. It is more convenient and less bulky. the quality is decent.

  • gelnic says:

    I still lug around by slr for travels but for everyday events, I trust that my iPhone can do the job of chronicling them.

    Light to carry everywhere, quick to whip out, and apps for editing and posting online? Sold.

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