Modern Chopper

I know what you’re thinking – is this a cruiser or sportsbike? Well, the answer is yes to both. The TT New Generation Chopper has the characteristic elongated frame, stretched fork and low-rider look of other choppers, but stands out with a simpler, cleaner and more modern aesthetic that’s closer to a super sport. Subtle and elgant, but just as mean!

Designer: Olcay Tuncay Karabulut


  • sangsoo says:

    That’s cool stuff.

    but I think you have similar design parts you did good job though.

    I’d like to say two parts, front which similar as “Victory Core” and tail which also do as ‘Hard Core’s one”

    I definitely like your works but you should be more creative.

    That’s just my opinion. Thanks.

  • kfein says:

    that’s so awesome!

  • Soil auger says:

    What a superb design! I wish I have a chopper like this. I will go on a cross country ride on this. That would be simply amazing!

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